…Friedrich Nietzsche.   Post on my sister’s FB site.

What music is in your life?  How do you play your “tunes” each day as you interact with each of the people important to you?

I love music and use it in so many ways to inspire my life.  I have been privileged to grow up with music and musicians in my world.

  • Do you have a song that means something to you?  That tells the world who you are?
  • Are you the song for someone else…at the moment when they need it?
  • Are you singing the tune that makes your life authentically you?

Analogies are so helpful to create a memorable impact.  I encourage you to wonder about what “music” you want playing in your life.  I suggest you consider what you need, so your life is not a mistake.

What “music” do your team members need from you?  How can you create the “music” your customers need to hear?  What “music” will inspire you to be the leader you want to be?  When will your “music” start playing?

Let’s talk some “music.”  I commit to listening carefully and singing with you!

Your Thoughts?