Welcome back!

When I finally decided to become a certified, “real” coach, my passion and my authenticity became my life purpose. It is a now a privilege to live this everyday of my life!  Thanks to an amazing team of supporters, colleagues, family, friends and coaches, I am launching my website!  REALLY!

Many of you know that I have been doing work on this website for many years now and what you are now seeing is the result of of deep inner reflection, feedback from many people and then just plain, focused gritty work with the most amazing support team a person could have.

thank you noteThanks to Tiffany Lepp (www.tiffanylynnlepp.com) for keeping me focused and going, thanks to Brian Hanson for his creation and creative input (www.customtwit.com), Kelly Welch (www.yescareerservices.com) for asking the right questions and forcing the issues, Mark Zimmerman for his video talent and patience (www.PrimaDigitalVideo.com), Sara Smith, coach extraordinaire (www.smithleadershipcoaching.com) who guides my own authentic development, and Paige George for capturing the authentic me through the photographs (www.lenoximages.com).

Thank you too, to all who filled out assessments and offered feedback to me along the way.  How amazing is it that I can leverage the strengths, talents and time of a fabulous group of colleagues, clients, friends and family?  

How did I get to be so fortunate?

And to my husband, of 34 years, Lee, who has always told me to go for it…well I did!

Come back soon…I blog once a month…send your ideas and thoughts for it.  Thank you.

With love and gratitude to all,


Your Thoughts?