Reconnect with Support Network.023

Welcome Authentic Leaders!

This month I offer Session #4 from the Learning to Love to Lead Again video series. Please tune in to discover how to create a team and network of colleagues, peers, other leaders, friends and family members who can help you stay centered and focused on your leadership work.

This video will challenge you to consider if you have a support network, if you know how to use a support network and if you give to or give back as much as you get from your support network.

When we give to back to others, we reconnect with what is critical in leadership: SERVICE and SERVING OTHERS. We recapture inspiration and energy around why we became a leader in the first place. Giving back to our support network also creates reliable and consistent relationships that challenge us when we need it, advises us when we ask, listens when we need to be heard, and cheers us on when we are discouraged.

Remember a strong support network will live beyond job changes, location changes and your successes and failures. A strong support network is timeless and necessary in order to learn to love to lead again!

Please watch and listen and send me your observations.

Your comments and questions, as always, are welcome. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Thoughts?