Are you swimming in the pool of leadership?

“Being a leader is like being a lady. If you have to say you are, you are not.”   

– Margaret Thatcher

I typically shy away from obviously sex-based comments like Mrs. Thatcher made.  Yet, I have been studying a lot lately about how to create and discover more coaching clients.  And I find there is a lot of truth in the quote.

I have been blessed most of my professional life to have more than enough work and I consider myself an excellent coach, a fabulous facilitator, teacher and consultant.  I also have reinvented myself several times and I am doing it again right now.  

 So, may I say I am a coach, if I have openings in my book of business?  Can you say you are a leader, if you are “under construction” in developing your authenticity, your leadership point of view and way of leading? 

Rich Litvin

Rich Litvin


Recently, I was coached by one of the premier success coaches in the business, Rich Litvin.  I follow his blog and read his books.  He shares his wisdom and coaching process abundantly.

Read an excerpt of one of his most recent blog posts here.




Pool of Leadership.002

Rich’s words inspired me to think more deeply about becoming an authentic leader.  His post is reframed below.

Learning to lead authentically does not have to be fun.  It is being able to lead that is fun.  The learning process is often difficult and learning to lead is a process.  It involves deep inner work, a willingness to say to your team members what no one else would dare to say, combined with an exceptional understanding of the power of language.  And, most importantly, a willingness to fail—again and again and again.

The combination of these behaviors and actions give leaders the necessary character building to become a truly authentic leader.  There is no specific point at which a leader is magically ready to lead, and some may never be “ready.”  But readiness is irrelevant.  A leader is often thrown into the pool of organizations and leadership positions and must just learn to swim and lead.  

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a leader who does not wish to fail.  Why would he or she?  What is fun about taking risks and feeling uncomfortable?  But it is the only path to authentic, long-lasting success as a leader.  

How are you swimming in the pool of leadership?  Are you satisfied?  Is there room for improvement?  Let’s coach authentic leadership!   Connect with me.

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