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Greetings Authentic Leaders!

With spring around the corner, it seems a great time to offer you Session #1 from the Learning to Love to Lead Again video series.

During this video blog you will reconnect to your values and what is truly important to who you want to be as a leader. I suggest several methods to create your true authentic purpose in your life and how to make it an ongoing part of learning to love to lead again. I share my own authentic purpose and how it has taken me from purpose to impact in my world.

Finally I reference the outstanding work Nick Craig and his colleagues at the Authentic Leadership Institute are doing to help people create purpose and impact in their lives. Check them out.

I invite you to renew this spring! Reconnect to yourself, your purpose, and your leadership life. You will learn to love to lead again with renewed energy and vitality. Thanks for watching and I look forward to your comments, observations and questions. Happy Spring!

Your Thoughts?