….Jim Rohn (author, influential thinker and outstanding entrepreneur).

Are you a life long learner?  Of yourself? Your motives? Your business? Your influence?  Your leadership?  Do you commit yourself to lifelong development as a leader?

StudyMy trusted business partners often observe that I am “up to learning”….constantly.  Not that I am an academic.  No sir!  I love to study and learn and I am frankly a bit intimidated of those who have more degrees and more academics behind them.  Yet, I know that I am a “practiced, practical practitioner,” and I am pretty jubilant when I read and study something that supports the ‘what and how’ of the way I intuitively work.

Hill and Lineback’s article “Are you a Good Boss— Or a Great One?,”   tells us that if you want to keep growing as a leader, you have to keep asking yourself these questions:

                    • Am I good enough?
                    • Do I need to be better?
                    • Do others trust me as a boss?
                    • Do I understand what’s required to be truly effective?

The authors acknowledge that becoming an effective leader and boss is a JOURNEY.  No end game here…a process.  (HBR, OnPoint, How to Create a Culture of Excellence).

How cool is this?  You can take the pressure off!  You do not have to know it all, be it all, have it all once you are dubbed the “leader.”  And you must commit to a lifelong learning leadership journey. Just like creating your authenticity!

Ruderman and Rogolsky, in their article about how high-achieving woman can lead authentically, remind us we have to work to become and remain authentic, reviewing priorities and choosing behaviors that reflect those priorities, as circumstances change.

What do you need to review?  What do you need to learn to create your authenticity?  Let’s discover together!  I promise not to stop you.

Your Thoughts?