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I love when I read something which resonants deeply with me.  It affirms I am not the only one who thinks the things I think or feels the feelings I feel.

My favorite business partners give me the chance to excel at what I do and then thank me, genuinely and authentically.  They mean it..really.

How do I know?  Authenticity breeds good manners.

It is so easy to use good manners with others when you are being who you want to be.  You can genuinely thank others for their excellent contributions when you are not threatened by how they shine and contribute.  You are steady in your own contributions and appreciate the abundance of others’ excellence and diversity, without fear or defensiveness.

Why does it matter?  Because relationships matter.  Humans need to be treated kindly and gently and with good grace.  Good manners.  Simple.

What personal excellence do you want to contribute?  What is it that you wish to be known for?  How would you like that all to come together, so that “good manners” is your natural default position?

Let’s talk excellence.  Let’s explore good manners and good grace on your projects, your teams and your organizations.

Your thoughts, please?  Thank you very much!

Your Thoughts?