“Everyone wants to know where they stand.” …Jack Welch.

Do you know where you stand with yourself?  Have you learned to receive feedback?  Have you increased your self-awareness by asking for the gift of feedback?  Are you ready to give feedback in order to help someone know where they stand?

If you answered affirmatively, you have completed one of the first steps to creating your authenticity!

“Know thyself” ~ inscribed at the temple wall at Delphi reminds us to pursue self-awarenes.  In Bill George’s book, True North: Discovering your Authentic Leadership, he reminds us to “peel back the onion,” the layers of yourself to discover your authentic self.  He recommends you understand your values, your strengths and what drives and motivates you.  Indeed, this includes uncovering your blind spots and understanding how your life story impacts you and your leadership.

Do have others who give you the candor and clarity you need?   Are you able to give the same to others?

Join me in this discussion.  You need to know where you stand with yourself, your teams and organizations.

Your Thoughts?