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7 Strategies Leaders Can Implement to Stay Focused

7 Strategies Leaders Can Implement to Stay Focused.001

If fear, time, making a mistake, or hurting feelings were not a factor, what would I want to do next as a leader?  As a leader, have you noticed that you often put off acting on the important and yet more challenging opportunities?  What actions do you put off? Have you caught yourself avoiding doing what…

Tilt 365 Can Focus You and Your Team

While attending a powerful seminar about Tilt 365 for Teams and Culture last week, I was struck, once again, how “micro-initiatives can create macro-impact,” Relly Nadler, Psy.D, 2006.  Pam Boney, Founder & CEO  Tilt, Inc. Pam Boney and her team, once again, elegantly taught us how character strengths, used in balanced and centered ways, makes a difference to…

“As I walked…toward the gate …I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.”

birds fly over the open gate

… Nelson Mandela As a leader, do you sometimes wonder what “prisons” you are in?  Or have you wondered what “prisons” you may have inadvertently created for your team members? Bitterness and hatred shows up frequently in the workplace, disguised as gossip and criticism of the leader, another team member, other departments or company policies,…

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holiday's

Happy holidays and best wishes for a peaceful and authentic New Year! ~ Cindy