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How Leaders Can Receive Quality Feedback {Video}


There are many ways leaders can receive quality feedback. I’ll show you one way in this video.  How do you like to give and receive feedback?

Life, Loss & Leadership Lessons


The recent passing of my mother-in-law caused many moments of reflection, sadness, humor and relief for my family and myself.  These are just the “moments of pause” Kevin Cashman writes about in The Pause Principle.  It is a “stepping back to lead forward.” This blog post is about how similar a positive dying process is…

Leaders Who Persevere: 3 ways to keep at it

Leaders who persevere-  3 Ways to keep at it.008

I have personally noticed how easy it is to lose focus and commitment to your goals or purpose as life tosses you unplanned challenges to manage. In fact, my coachees regularly report that staying focused on what is important to them is a big huge hairy problem.  Leaders everyday start with fabulous intentions to be…

Are you swimming in the pool of leadership?

Pool of Leadership.002

“Being a leader is like being a lady. If you have to say you are, you are not.”    – Margaret Thatcher I typically shy away from obviously sex-based comments like Mrs. Thatcher made.  Yet, I have been studying a lot lately about how to create and discover more coaching clients.  And I find there is…