Jim LaVictoire“I have collaborated with Cindy on many diverse projects and have seen her help clients clarify their objectives and set realistic expectations up front and then coach and mentor them to achieve the results they desire.

She brings intelligence, openness, and attentive presence to every interaction with clients. 

Cindy has an intuition about what to say and do to help people move from where they are today to where they need to be personally and professionally.

She provides clear feedback in an engaging and compassionate manner that helps people grow to reach their potential.”

 Jim LaVictoire
Advantage  Performance Group
St. Louis, MO

“Cindy Charlton is an effective business coach.  

Her unique blend of listening, coaching and business skills allow her to create a place for executives to reflect, refine and recommit to who they want to be and what they hope to accomplish.  

I have had the opportunity to leverage Cindy’s skills on several occasions with clients with whom I work.  

She is always professional, effective and results-focused and provides a way forward for the leaders she coaches.   

If you want a coach to facilitate reflection and a tangible way forward, Cindy delivers.”

Ray N.
Advantage Performance Group ~ Cincinnati, OH



Speech Bubble2“My interaction with Cindy over several months resulted in a series of positive transformational events during a challenging period.

Through clearly communicated guidance based on extensive experience Cindy helps one converge to effective, well thought out negotiation engagements with management, peers and subordinates.

Her intuition based on the relevant facts coupled with a firm but easy delivery style is astounding.”

Jorge D.
Philadelphia, PA

“Cindy has an incredible ability to enable the person she is coaching to specifically tailor the message to the audience. 

Through asking good questions in the shaping of content, providing candid feedback during role plays, and giving meaningful assessment in the debriefs, her coaching technique can significantly impact the success of a presentation. 

She is truly a gifted coach!”

Satisfied Client
St. Louis, MO
Mark Zimmerman“After working with Cindy on a project I can assure you that if you’re not moving in the right direction in your career, Cindy could be just the person to help you get on the right track.

Cindy is very professional, extremely knowledgeable and brings tremendous experience to the table.  

She also happens to be a wonderful person and is very easy to work with.  

Whenever I find business associates looking for coaching or training advice, Cindy’s is the first name I offer.”

Mark Zimmerman
PRIMA Digital Video
St. Louis, MO



“I’ve had the privilege of working with Cindy for many years.

Her extensive experience working with leaders in both group and individual settings give her a practical and results driven approach to leadership development.

Cindy’s ability to facilitate thoughtful exploration by leaders of their strengths, opportunities, and best futures consistently enable them to increase their effectiveness with their teams, stakeholders, and company.

Hayden C.



“Having Cindy as my coach was extremely beneficial.  As with all successful professionals, from time to time, we need help and have to be open to it.

Being assigned a coach can at time seem as a negative, but not when working with Cindy.  From our first interaction her demeanor was very open and welcoming.  

I knew from the very start that she was championing my success.  She was accessible and adjusted her schedule to accommodate mine.  She quickly assessed my strengths and weaknesses.  All in all, coaching with Cindy has been critical for my development and growth.”

Phil A.
St. Louis, MO

Leslie Krehnbrink

“Cindy challenges others to look in the mirror and determine how they “show up” as a leader and as a human being. Her integrity and ability to do the same fosters immediate trust in relationships, one reason she is often recruited as a coach and facilitator.

 Cindy is also a person of the utmost integrity ~ in a world often driven by short-term results, quick fixes and greed, it’s rare to find this in an individual.  You either have integrity or you don’t.  As such, Cindy has gained the respect of colleagues & clients.  Her coaching support & expertise is often sought on sensitive, high level organizational challenges.  Her list of repeat clients is long.

 Cindy’s talent at instantly creating an environment of trust, candid communication, and results-orientation, leads to critical vulnerability, self-discovery, courage, and strategies that get results on the job.  I’ve seen Cindy maintain rapport with tough audiences of one to 50.  She asks the “difficult” questions which lead to viable solutions for real world application.”

 Leslie Krehnbrink
BTS/Advantage Performance Group
Cincinnati, OH

“Cindy is a strong facilitator in the classroom.

Her ability to connect with her audience and identify the needs of each individual in the classroom is a key strength.  

She ensures her classroom is a ‘safe haven’ for people to explore new ideas and apply them to their situations to drive improved performance.”

Ray N.
Advantage Performance Group ~ Cincinnati, OH


Speech Bubble“Cindy coached me through the initial start up of my business.

This was a time when I often had self-doubts and needed a thought partner to take necessary risks.

Cindy’s coaching presence, coupled with her extraordinary ability to ask deep, thought-provoking questions allowed me to be vulnerable and overcome my inner saboteurs.

By getting to the core issues, I achieved the results I wanted at an accelerated rate.”

Laura G.
Madison, WI


Cindy is one of those rare professionals who is equally comfortable, confident and credible working with executive audiences as she is with front-line supervisors and individual contributors.

This is a talent not to be taken lightly. Understanding the vast differences of these audiences and flexing style to match those needs, is a strongly sought after skill. 

When we have won new client engagements that include cultural transformation work that impacts seniors at the top to those at the front-line, Cindy has always been on the top of my list as a resource that I can trust to build the necessary relationships and deliver successful results—both for my company and more importantly for achieving results for our clients.

When working on these engagements, Cindy is always able to seamlessly integrate with our team.

Tim Blakesly
BTS ~ Scottsdale, AZ


“My whole world was turned upside down.  I was overwhelmed, confused, angry, fearful and very vulnerable. 

I had just lost my job and had no idea how to react with courage, grace and professionalism.

Cindy offered wise counsel and encouragement that allowed me to navigate the unexpected threshold of what lay ahead. 

She didn’t miss a detail. 

Her commitment to coach me through one of the toughest moments in my life left an indelible impression on me.”

 Carol P.
Chicago, IL

“Cindy coached me through an extremely difficult time at work.  With her assistance, I was able to keep my team from being marginalized, mitigate the toxic effects of an ineffectual leader, and negotiate a graceful exit while protecting my own integrity. 

She has a variety of tools in her toolkit, and she knew when to pull out assessment-based instruments to coach me around my leadership style, or when to draw on her training as a psychologist to help me express and manage my feelings about the work situation or relevant personal matters. 

In particular, she helped me prepare for a number of difficult conversations, often suggesting language that would lead to the desired result while stretching me into new ways of leading. 

She is deeply empathic, and at the same time gives firm guidance without being threatening.  She asks penetrating questions that cause you to think deeply about the important issues.  She knows how to build trust, how to heighten confidence. 

I always left our sessions feeling equipped to succeed.”

Susan A.
St. Louis,  MO