If fear, time, making a mistake, or hurting feelings were not a factor, what would I want to do next as a leader? 

As a leader, have you noticed that you often put off acting on the important and yet more challenging opportunities?  What actions do you put off? Have you caught yourself avoiding doing what you know in your gut to be true? What paralyzes your action?  

As a coach, I often help people get clear on their personal and powerful leadership point of view and what stake they want to put in the ground on important issues.  Often leaders go astray when they have failed to do this important work before they act.  They act based on what they think is expected of them vs. what is important to them.  And more often, they act out of wanting to avoid some difficult, painful consequence vs. what hopeful possibilities they hope to create.

As a coach, I too, struggle with staying focused on my bigger purpose.  I find myself busy with things that may not be linked to what is most important to me…or more importantly busy with things that possibly should not be on my daily list of actions.  I catch myself procrastinating too long on the activities I have said are most important to me and I wanted to do!   

How can you reclaim your focus and purpose and take the leadership actions you need to take? 

According to our friend Dan Rockwell, Leadership Freak blogger extraordinaire, it takes character and skill to act boldly with grace. Colleague Dr. Kathy Cramer, author of the recently released book, LEAD Positive: What Highly Effective Leaders See, Say and Do, reports that a preoccupation with what is not working actually impairs self-improvement.  She suggests we all must know and claim the particular positive qualities that underscore your leadership effectiveness is what allows them to shine through in all that you do.

7 Strategies Leaders Can Implement to Stay Focused.001

So let’s combine the best ideas from these two important leadership influencers and get into action.

1. Start small.  Just do it.  Find one small action that if you did consistently, each day, would have marvelous results for you professionally & personally.

2. Give up perfection.  Have standards of decency, not perfection.  Perfection standards freeze us into inaction.

3. Focus on what you will gain by taking the action.  Focus on what is possible and what your achievements will create in your life.

4. Find an accountability partner. Commit to this supporter what you will do and then meet regularly to report your successful actions.

5. Give yourself permission to fail and LEARN and GROW.  There is much creation and possibility in failure.  “The sins of inaction destroy more than failure” ~ Dan Rockwell.

6. Keep at it!  Keep a log of your actions and note if you loved it.  Then, keep doing more until you log has only completed actions that you really love.

7. Serve others.  Take an action that will create a thank you.  Do something that moves forward how you want people to remember you and what you want them to thank you for!

Seven simple steps!  Get started!  Lift yourself out of inaction and then call me and let’s coach.  I will welcome your inquiry.  

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